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Bounce House Rental | Salt Lake City | June 2024

Why is a Bounce House Rental in Salt Lake City a good idea for your party? 

It's an Instant Entertainer

Adding a Bounce House to your party is a quick and easy way to provide hours of fun for your child's birthday party or your company, church, or school event. Spending too much time figuring out what games you need to provide for your pint sized guests so they will have a good time? There is so much more involvement and stress with the traditional party games. Why risk injuring yourself while blind folded, tipsy children swing a bat at a piñata? Good luck keeping all the kids away from the bat when they see that first piece of candy fall. With a bounce house we drop off the fun for you and the kids play in it for hours, eat cake, and play in it some more. Adults get time to chit chat while the Bounce House/Babysitter keeps the little ones occupied, and then we come and pick it up for you.

It’s Budget Friendly

You get much more bang for your buck renting a bounce house than trying to reserve time at a trampoline park or theme park. Then there is all the hassle of getting to and from the place while driving in a car with screaming children. After paying for gas, and tickets for all your guests you are going to wonder if there was a better option. Let us bring the fun to you with a bounce house that will provide the entertainment you need without breaking the bank.

It's a Memory Maker

There is nothing like seeing your child’s face light up when he runs into his backyard to see a giant bounce house that is there just for his special day. For my daughter’s last birthday we got the Unicorn bounce/slide combo and it was a wonderful memory for her and her friends. The years go by fast, so don’t miss your chance to give your child an experience he or she will never forget.

Our children are precious. Let Bouncin Bins bring your child entertainment, and memories to last a lifetime.


Can all bounce houses get wet?

Yes, our bounce houses can get wet. They are made with high quality vinyl that easily dries out. It is okay for the bounce house to get wet. We recommend a bounce house with a slide for hot weather. Your child can play in the bounce house and slide down the slide into a water pool.

Are bounce houses safer than trampolines?

Yes, if monitored. Bounce houses don't allow the user to get as much air between them and the jumping surface, the padded walls of a bounce house also offer protection. Studies have shown that the risk of injury is higher with trampolines than with bounce houses.

Do bounce houses get hot?

Yes, bounce houses can get hot if left directly in the sun. Our bounce houses can get wet, so feel free to take some squirt guns in the bounce house rental to play. We also recommend combo bounce house/slides with a pool at the bottom of the slide and a soaker hose attached to the top of the slide for hot days.

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132 Item(s)